Would you like to have a special topic presented to your team, staff, classroom, parent group, etc.? Illness and chronic disease can cost the country upwards of $16 billion each year. Most of these illnesses can be lessened and significantly improved through simple diet and lifestyle changes. Healthy eating improves immunity and long-term health outcomes. My presentations can help your group make simple, immediate changes that can improve the overall health of themselves and their families, leading to greater productivity and wellness. A one-hour presentation will include a powerpoint based on a topic we discuss ahead of time, a handout, and may also include simple food prep demos. A 15-20 min Q & A is also included. Topics can include "The Negative Impact of Sugar on Health and Productivity," "Eating for Brain Health," "Food as Information," or "Aging Gracefully."  Contact me for custom topics as well.

$350/One-hour presentation + 15 min Q&A

"I cannot thank you enough for delivering such an amazing presentation as you have definitely a special gift.  The community members all enjoyed the presentation and our staff continue to discuss nutrition on a professional/personal level." 

-Rob Gunning, Prinicpal - The Arrowsmith School, Peterborough, ON